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A divorce is a traumatic experience for a couple, and settlement of property is often a subject of conflict between the parties. To settle the matter as peaceably as possible, a divorce appraisal provides a professional property valuation. Ford Appraisal Co. specializes in providing divorce appraisal services to customers in Carmel, CA and other areas of Monterey County.

Before you decide who obtains the property, get an objective assessment of its actual market value. It is a good idea to ask for Ford Appraisal Co.’s help in this situation. When both parties are aware of the actual market value of their property, there is less doubt clouding the sensitive process of a divorce settlement. We understand divorce is a sensitive situation when emotions run high and make an effort to do right by the couple in this conflict.

If divorcing parties wish to dispose of their marital property, they will have a rational way to determine what price to set with an appraisal. If they decide instead to have a "buyout" by one party, both parties will feel comfortable with a professional valuation by a divorce appraiser from Ford Appraisal Co. of Carmel, CA. Our company is experienced in providing reports that meet court requirements and are regularly relied upon by attorneys in legal matters, such as divorces.

We have established an excellent reputation serving the public in all types of real estate appraisal matters. It is important to obtain a professional property appraisal that is defensible in court and acceptable to the IRS. Our reports can be used by an attorney in a court proceeding, an arbitration, or a mediated proceeding.

When you obtain a divorce appraisal from Ford Appraisal Co., you are assured you will get the most professional service and the best appraisal for your needs. Ask us for an appraisal of your property right now!

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